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Creating a chart

TreeView has a range of reports and charts you can generate, allowing you to display the information about your family tree in different ways. They are ideal for sharing with others.

  1. To create a chart, click the 'Charts' button on the toolbar.
  2. You can then choose the options for the chart using the panel on the left hand side:
    • Start Person - choose the start person for your chart. For example, if you want to generate a chart of descendants from a particular person, choose this person as your start person.
    • Chart Title - choose a title for your chart, for example "The Smith Family Tree".
    • Chart Type - select the type of chart. These range from an 'Ancestors' chart which will show a direct line of ancestors of the 'Start Person' you have selected, to a 'Full Tree' which can show all individuals in the 'Start Person's' tree, including aunts, cousins, siblings, etc.
    • Generations - Choose how many generations you would like to show on the chart. The more generations you select, the larger the chart will be.
    • Fact Data - click the 'Select facts to include' box to choose which facts you want to include on your chart. You may like to show just a birth and death date, however you can also include any other facts you have entered, such as a baptism or an occupation.
    • Date Display Format - choose how you would like the dates to appear on the chart.
  3. Click 'Generate' to generate the chart.

Creating a chart

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